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Sunday April 30th 2017

Journalist Agus Sopian Dies

Journal | Wednesday 9 December 2009 | sundanesecorner.org

Agus Sopian (1965-2009)

Agus Sopian (1965-2009)

BANDUNG—-Agus Sopian, Managing Editor of the Jakarta-based Jurnal Nasional daily newspaper, has died of heart attack today in a Jakarta hospital. He will be buried tomorrow in Garut, his hometown.

Born in Garut, West Java, on 15 August 1965 into a modest farmer family, Agus studied journalism at Padjadjaran University. Since his college years he has been writing essays, short stories, and news features. He started his career as a professional journalist in 1988, working in Bandung as a correspondent of the Jakarta-based Pelita newspaper. By the end of 1990s he worked for the Bandung-based Bandung Pos newspaper.

Following the fall of Soeharto regime, Agus contributed some valuable reports for Pantau, a Jakarta-based magazine that has a strong inclination to the so-called “literary journalism”. One of his interesting feature stories is about the history of Mangle, the oldest Sundanese weekly magazine that has been established since 1958. He also joined Yayasan Pantau, a foundation that focuses its interests in organizing workshops on journalism.

He has been working with Jurnal Nasional since 2006. 

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