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Sunday April 30th 2017

Pop Singer Darso Accepts Bandung Cultural Award

Culture | Friday 11 December 2009 | sundanesecorner.org

King of Sundanese Pop Darso (Photo: Dhipa Galuh Purba)

Darso, the King of Sundanese Pop (Photo: Dhipa Galuh Purba)

BANDUNG—-The well-known Sundanese pop singer Darso, along with five others, accepted 2009 Bandung Cultural Awards here last night.

Wearing his “Jacko” look costume, Darso was still attractive in his old age. After accepting his award, he sang a medley of his favourite songs accompanied by the music of Samba Sunda.

Darso (the nickname of Hendarso) started his musical career in early 1960s with Band Nada Karya, accompanying some well-known Indonesian pop singers, e.g. Lilis Suryani and Tetty Kadi.

In 1970s Darso and friends switched to Sundanese pop songs accompanied by calung [cha loong], one of the traditional musical instruments made of bamboo. Darso Putra, his calung group in that time, regularly performed Sundanese songs on the state-run RRI radio.

Since then, Darso has become one of the most prominent Sundanese pop singers. Darso’s songs—several of which were written by his brother, Uko Hendarto—have become favorite songs, e.g. ”Kembang Tanjung” (Tanjung Flower), “Nostalgia Cinta” (Nostalgia of Love), “Duriat” (Love), “Tanjakan Burangrang” (Burangrang Slope), “Maripi”, “Mega Sutra Pantai Carita” (The Silvery Cloud over Carita Beach), “Maribaya”, “Cucu Deui” (It’s Cucu Again), “Tanjung Baru”, “Kabogoh Jauh” (My Faraway Love), and many more.

The third annual awards were also presented to choreographer and ethnomusicologist Endo Suanda, singer and composer Iyar Wiarsih, musician and music arranger Purwacaraka, painter and poet Jeihan Syukmantoro, and comedian Ibing Kusmayatna.

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