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Monday May 1st 2017

Welcoming People

Language | Sunday, 11 April 2010 | sundanesecorner.org

A 'gugunungan' which is usually shown by a 'dalang' (puppet master) preceding a 'wayang show' (Photograph: Hawé Setiawan)

A 'gugunungan' which is usually shown by a 'dalang' (puppet master) preceding a Sundanese 'wayang golek' performance (Photograph: Hawé Setiawan)

The most common expression for welcoming people in Sundanese is wilujeng sumping [we-loo-jeng-soom-pink], which means ‘welcome’. We can read the sign written on brush-mat, hanging on the gate of public facilities, stuck to a wall, etc. It is also expressed in public speaking.

To welcome people to a certain place, just mention the name of the place following the expression, e.g. wilujeng sumping di Bandung (welcome to Bandung). In a complete sentence we can also say, Simkuring ngahaturkeun pangbagéa ka Bapa miwah Ibu sadaya. Wilujeng sumping ka Bandung” (I would like to express my pleasure to you, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Bandung).

According to Hardjadibrata’s dictionary, the word wilujeng is an adjective, which literally means ‘safe, well, be well off, etc.’, whereas sumping is a verb that politely means ‘come’.

The word wilujeng can also be used in the sense of congratulating people. We can, for instance, express wilujeng milang kala [me-lung ka-la] for ‘happy birthday’.

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