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Saturday April 29th 2017

Moriyama’s Lecture on Sundanese Studies at UPI

Journal | Thursday, 19 August 2010 | sundanesecorner.org

Dr. Moriyama Mikihiro (Photograph: Hawe Setiawan)

Dr. Moriyama Mikihiro, a Japanese scholar from Nanzan University, delivered a lecture on Sundanese studies at Indonesian University of Education (UPI) campus, in Bandung, today.

Dr. Moriyama wrote a book on the beginning of modern Sundanese literature in 19th century West Java, based on his dissertation submitted at Leiden University. It is entitled Sundanese Print Culture and Modernity in 19th-century West Java (SUP, 2005). The Indonesian version of the book, which was issued before its English version, is entitled Semangat Baru: Kolonialisme, Budaya Cetak, dan Kesastraan Sunda Abad ke-19 (KPG, 2003).

Since the publication of these books, Dr. Moriyama has become a contemporary icon of Sundanese studies, mainly for local students of Sundanese culture and literature. This month Dr. Moriyama also delivered a lecture at Padjadjaran University, in Jatinangor.

Before UPI postgraduate students of Sundanese culture and their colleagues, Dr. Moriyama presented a lecture entitled ‘Dari Sunda ke Dunia dalam Bidang Akademis (From Sunda to the World in Academic Field).’ Based on Dr. Moriyama’s experience in studying and researching Sundanese language and literature, it is an encouragement for undertaking research on Sundanese culture.

Dr. Moriyama suggested Indonesian students and scholars to undertake research on any aspects of their own culture and society. Yet local subjects should be viewed in broader picture, mainly by related them to current theoretical insights.***

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