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Monday May 1st 2017

Stopped by ‘Kuda Rénggong’ on a Crowded Street

Journal | Wednesday, 6 October 2010 | sundanesecorner.org

People in Sumedang, West Java, are performing a 'Kuda Rénggong' (Photograph: Hawe Sétiawan)

My family and I were passing through a busy street in Sumedang, West Java, when a line of people conducted a festivity along the street. It was a busy time, for many people, especially Muslims, were returning from kampongs after celebrating ‘Lebaran’ to their hometowns. We ourselves were returning from Ciamis, that is my wife’s kampong.

“What on earth is happening?” said I as trying to escape my old jeep from the traffic jam. Turning to the left side of the street, I then parked the vehicle in front of a ‘tahu’ [tha-who] shop.

As my wife was buying some tahus from the shop, I asked my three years old son to watch the party. Well, as a matter of fact, it was a nice party. It is called ‘Kuda Rénggong’ [koo-dha rang-gong]. The ‘kuda’, which means horse, can dance in harmony with music and song. It is usually performed in a celebration of circumcision.

For about half an hour we stood there enjoying the party. And when marching people were turning to another street, we continued our ride to Bandung.***

Hawé Setiawan

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