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Saturday April 29th 2017

Actress Ida Kusumah Died at 71

News | Saturday, 27 November 2010 | sundanesecorner.org

Ida Kusumah (photograph: wikipedia)

R. Siti Endéh Héndarsih Atma di Kusumah, well known as Ida Kusumah, died of a heart attack in Jakarta on 25 November 2010.

Ida was born in Jakarta on 31 August 1939. She was well known as singer, fashion model, and movie star. In 1960 she was named as Puteri Peragawati I ‘Fashion Lady I’. She often sang for Indonesian army in the time of Trikora and Dwikora campaign, and also for the military that fight leftist political power after a failed coup, in 1960s.

She started her career in motion picture as a figurant in Debu Revolusi ‘Ash of Revolution’ (1955), Raja Karet dari Singapur ‘Tyre Big Boss from Singapore’ (1956), and Malam tak Berembun (1961). After she had been disappeared from public arena for a couple of years, she reappeared in the film Menyusuri Jejak Berdarah ‘Tracing the Bloody Footprints’ (1967), Operasi X ‘Operation X’ (1968), Ananda (1970), Tiada Maaf Bagimu ‘No Forgiveness for You’ (1971), Deru Campur Debu (1972), Bila Cinta Bersemi (1973), Atheis ‘Atheist’ (1974), Laila Majenun ‘Crazy Laila’ (1975), Pinangan (1976), Kupu-kupu Istana ‘Palace Butterfly’ (1978), Perempuan dalam Pasungan ‘A Woman in Stocks’ (1981), and Buah Terlarang ‘Forbidden Fruit’ (1982).

Recently she takes her role in several television soap operas known as sinetron. It was in a casting session for the popular sinetron Cinta Fitri ‘Fitri’s Love’ when she passed away.***

[Biographical data of Ida is based on Ensikpopedi Sunda, edited by Ajip Rosidi et. all. (2000)]

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3 Responses to “Actress Ida Kusumah Died at 71”

  1. Bayu Pratama says:

    She was the member of Golden Girls, a popular female group in 80s, consisting of Connie Sutedja, Nani Wijaya and Ida Herself. There is another member if i’m not mistaken.

    One of the legends of Indonesian showbiz.. Godspeed to her. My condolences go out to her family. May Allah SWT forgive all his mistakes amin..

  2. hawe setiawan says:

    Thanks for this information, Bayu.

  3. Bayu Pratama says:

    you are more than welcome sir :)

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