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Sunday April 30th 2017

Garbage Crisis: People Block Access to the Landfill

News | Sunday, 19 December 2010 | sundanesecorner.org

Hawe Setiawan

'Sampah' (Trash), drawing by Arti Mustikaning Arti, pastels on paper (2010)

From Monday to Thursday this week, some 2,000 tons of stinking trashes piled up at streets throughout Bandung and Cimahi. Village residents of Sarimukti, Rajamandala, and Mandalasari, who live near Sarimukti landfill, blocked access to the site.

Since 2006 Sarimukti has been the repository of all the waste collected from three regions, which are City of Bandung, City of Cimahi, and Regency of West Bandung. For last five years people who live in the villages have been in need of road and other infrastructures improvement, appropriate health service, water, and compensation reward. Yet the government, both provincial and municipal, do not fulfill what people need.

This is the second crisis of waste management in Bandung after the one that was happened in 2005. City of Bandung produces some 1,000 tons of trashes every day, whereas Residency of West Bandung produces some 900 meters cubic of trashes every day.

Negotiations have been conducted between protesters and government officials, including Vice Mayor of Bandung Ayi Vivandanda. Provincial government has promised to give ‘compensation reward’ to the three villages at amount of IDR 100 million each. Local authorities have also promised to improve the street of 6.5 kilometres length.

Toward this weekend the crisis has apparently been over. People have been pull out the blockade. They allow garbage trucks to pick up trashes to Sarimukti. The impact of the crisis, however, is still felt by everyone. Local authorities said they need 7 to 8 days to come to pick up mountainous trashes from streets throughout Bandung and Cimahi.***

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