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Saturday April 29th 2017

Pop Star Darso Dies

News | Monday, 12 September 2011 | sundanesecorner.org

Hawe Setiawan

Darso (1945-2011) (Photograph: Ahda Imran)

Prominent Sundanese pop singer Hendarso (well known as Darso) died this afternoon in Bandung. This sad news first reached me via short message service from a number of people who know him. I soon looked for confirmation through my facebook friends, and some of them confirmed the news.

According to Pikiran Rakyat website, Darso died at a hospital in Soreang, Bandung, at around 3:30 p.m. local time. He died of a heart attack. The body was taken from the hospital to his family home in the Village of Cibisoro, Gandasoli, Katapang, Regency of Bandung

Born in Bandung in 1945, Darso started his musical career in 1960s as a music player that used to accompany leading singers at the time such as Teti Kadi or Lilis Suryani. Following the political succession in Indonesia in the late 1960s, his musical career seemed to had faced an obstacle. He then turned to calung, one of the traditional musics of West Java that utilizes bamboo instruments, by establishing Darso Putra (Darso and Brothers) musical group that perform Sundanese songs. Their performances had, among others, a channel through the RRI Bandung, a state run radio station in the region.
Supported by his elder brother, Uko Hendarto, as the song writer, Darso had in turn achieved great success as a singer in the genre of calung. Darso’s songs had recently been transformed into modern pop music. Dozens, even hundreds, of songs he had popularized in a number of solo albums recorded both in cassettes and CDs. In the world of Sundanese pop music, Darso is a legend. He is a Sundanese pop icon.***

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5 Responses to “Pop Star Darso Dies”

  1. soni farid maulana says:

    Ngiring bela sungkawa. Mugi ditangtayungan ku Allah SWT di alam kalanggengan. Amin.

  2. kassaf says:

    I cannot find words to express how deep is my condolence over his death. RIP Darso the big daddy, the grandmaster of Sundanese pop. Your vibes will never die.

  3. Rest In Peace Darso….

    I’m so sad because of this, just last month we lost Ibu Euis Komariah and now the great Darso, this is such an incredible great loss for all of us here in Indonesia and beyond….

  4. Ahda Imran says:

    Hawe, let me make a correction: Darso was born not in 1935, but in 1945.

  5. Hawe Setiawan says:

    Thanks, Ahda. I have amended the article.

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