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Saturday April 29th 2017

Pasundan’s Performance in Rotterdam

News | Monday, 19 September 2011 | sundanesecorner.org

Hawe Setiawan

Dear readers, for the sake of documentation, let me present here my introductory speech to the performance of Pasundan Performing Group at Hogeschool Rotterdam ‘Rotterdam Business School’ in Rotterdam, Netherlands, this afternoon:

Photo session after the show along with some Rotterdam friends

My name is Hawe Setiawan. I am the tour leader of this performing group, visiting Europe on behalf of Paguyuban Pasundan, an organization based in Bandung, Indonesia. First of all, I would like to express our honest gratitude to the Rotterdam Business School, especially to Mr. Maurits van Dijk and Ibu Ina Tjandrakesuma, for their generous helps in providing this lovely venue for our performing group. Also, let me express our thousands thanks to Bapak Ramon Mohandas, Education Attache of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, and his staffs for their assisstance in finding access to European public.

Well, I think I should introduce who we are. Paguyuban Pasundan is one of the oldest social and cultural organizations in Indonesia. It was established in 1913 as a vehicle to develop the social and cultural life of Sundanese community as an integral part of the nation of Indonesia, mainly through educational, social, and economic programs. Since its establishment, Paguyuban Pasundan has been running, among others, high schools and universities in the Province of West Java.

This performing group was recently established and named Pasundan Rumaja ‘Teenagers of Pasundan’ to facilitate, encourage, and develop teenage activities in the field of art and culture. Our main aim has been to promote Indonesian arts and cultures, especially that of West Java, to the world. This is our first performance outside Indonesia.

The teenagers involved in this performing group are high school children from the city of Bandung and Cimahi, West Java. For the past few months they have regularly been practicing to perform folk dances and music under the guidance of musician Barlen Sutrisna and friends. Barlen is a traditional musician that has often been performing folk arts of West Java in European, American, and Asian countries.

This afternoon we would like to present some folk dances along with a folk music which are as follows:

1. Tari Merak ‘Peacock Dance’
2. Tari Topeng ‘Mask Dance’
3. Tari Jaipongan “Sonteng” created by choreographer Gugum Gumbira
4. Tari Ketuk Tilu “Cikeruhan” created by choreographer Nandang Rusman Barmaya
5. Tari Jaipongan “Kembang Tanjung” created by choreographer Awan Metro
6. Rampak Kendang created by choreographer Ega Robot
7. Tari Bersama, in which we would like to invite you to join us in dancing performance.

But let me first introduce the whole instrument to be played in this performance. We call the instrument as ‘gamelan’, which is consisted of two different forms, that are the form of ‘wilah’ and the form of ‘penclon’. Both the smallest instrument and the biggest one constitute a harmony in creating an orchestra.

1. Saron satu played by Lutfi.
2. Saron dua played by Dias.
3. Demung played by Fahmi.
4. Bonang played by Fajar.
5. Rincik played by Firman.
6. Goong played by Rifan.
7. Kecrek played by Yoga.
8. Rebab played by Maman.
9. Kendang played by Barlen himself.
10. Anad pelase welcome to our beautiful sinden or vocalist Intan Resi Risanti.

I thank you very much for coming to this auditorium. I hope you can enjoy our performance. And I believe our first performance here will be of great value for all the teenagers partisipated in this performing gorup for their future achievement. Thank you.***

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4 Responses to “Pasundan’s Performance in Rotterdam”

  1. Budiman says:

    Sounds great. I am really happy to hear that. But, can you post the picture? I want to see them, especially, Intan Resi Risanti, because she is my sister.

    Can you upload the pic.? Thank you…

  2. Hawe Setiawan says:

    Thanks. I am trying to upload photos of the performance. Since it needs certain application to upload photos by my iPad, however, it is a little bit difficult. I’ll try.

  3. Hawe Setiawan says:

    Dear Budiman, I have uploaded a not very good photo of our visit to Rotterdam.

  4. ira says:

    Dear Mr. Hawe, thanks for your article about Paru performance in Rotterdam. But I didn’t see something about the dancers. Can you introduce all the dancers? Thank you.

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