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Saturday April 29th 2017

Visiting Tribun

Journal | Friday, 21 October 2011 | sundanesecorner.org

Hawé Setiawan

Chief Editor Cecep Burdansyah was speaking to Pasundan students at Tribun Jabar's office in Bandung (Photograph: Hawe Setiawan)

My colleague and I accompanied our students in visiting Tribun Jabar‘s office this afternoon. This is one of our regular programmes in offering journalism course for students of English Department of Pasundan University. There are 17 students who join the course for this semester, studying journalism not only from textbooks and lectures but also from those who are working in the field of media industry.

Tribun Jabar, the transformation of what was known as Metro Bandung, is one of Bandung-based leading daily newspapers established since twelve years ago. For the past two years it has been occupying a new headquarter at Sekelimus suburb of Bandung. There we had an interesting talk with Chief Editor Cécép Burdansyah who shared his knowledge and experience as a journalist to the undergraduate students. We had a great lunch as well.

Quoting a media survey undertaken by A.C. Nielsen, Cécép firstly introduced the profile of his newspaper. He said its captive readers are those whose age is between 27 and 49 year old (the majority) and between 49 and 60 year old. It serves the readers by providing news and views on both national and local issues. Since newspaper is undoubtedly an industry that depends on advertising business, it provides some 60 % of its pages for advertisement and some 40% for news and views.

‘Within our agenda setting we try to emphasize the significance of youth’s creativity in renewing our life,’ said Cécép.

In its opinion pages, it has several columns, namely ‘Referat’ (Monday; for special columnist), ‘Podium’ (Tuesday; for general writers), ‘Orasi’ (Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday; for college students), and ‘Suluh’ (Friday; for school teacher). The pages can be freely accessed through the Internet at www.tribunjabar.co.id.

Cécép also said that whatever one writes for the newspaper it should fit what he called as ‘the four Bs’: emotional benefit, intellectual benefit, practical benefit, and spiritual benefit. In other words, a good newspaper inspires its readers.

To the chief editor, our students asked many things, from day-to-day newsroom agenda to the complexity of journalistic compositions as well as the future of journalism careers.***


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  1. Hawe Setiawan says:

    Thanks, mate

  2. Charlene says:

    Saya sudah tak sabar menunggu snylsaieea infrastruktur Pelabuhan Ratu-Pangandaran,sehingga segera bisa menikmati perjalanan menyusuri jalur tsb.Mudah-mudahan secepatnya selesai agar masyarakat yang tinggal di jalur tsb bisa meningtkat mata pencahariannya,karena adanya peningkatan kunjungan wisatawan ke daerah tsb.

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