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Saturday April 29th 2017

Discussing Yasraf at ITB

News | Monday, 25 October 2011 | sundanesecorner.org

Hawe Setiawan


A one day seminar on Yasraf Amir Piliang’s thoughts was held today at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) campus. Scholars, artists, journalist, poets, and politicians discussed Yasraf’s books on several aspects of contemporary life. Yasraf is a lecturer at Arts and Design Department of ITB, well-known through some 11 books on postmodern life he has written for the past few years. He is also a prolific columnist.

Organized by ITB Cultural Studies Forum (FSK), the discussion entitled ’55 Lipatan Dunia’ shed lights on Yasraf’s multidisciplinary thoughts on contemporary culture. According to FSK Chairman Dr. Acep Iwan Saidi, the forum was organized not only to celebrate Yasraf’s 55th birthday but mainly to appreciate the work of an Indonesian intellectual. Acep also said FSK is going to regularly organize this sort of intellectual forum in order to appreciate other Indonesian intellectuals.

Those who presented their assertions on Yasraf’s books at the forum were Philosophy scholar Rocky Gerung of Indonesian University, theologian FX Mudji Sutrisno of Driyarkara School of Philosophy, politicians Indra J Piliang and Meutya Hafid, Chief Editor of Pikiran Rakyat Budhiana Kartawidjaya, artist Tisna Sanjaya, and poet Ahmad Syubhanuddin Alwy. Sundanese poet Godi Suwarna, as well as musician Marta, also participated at the forum by performing their works.

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