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Monday May 1st 2017

Rancagé to be presented in Semarang

News | Monday, May 21, 2012 | sundanesecorner.org

Hawé Setiawan

Central Javanese city of Semarang will host 2012 Rancagé Literary Awards presenting ceremony. Under cooperation between Rancagé Cultural Foundation and Semarang State University, the ceremony will take place at the university’s campus on Thursday this week.

Rancagé is an annual literary award presented by the Jakarta-based foundation to those who write books in Indonesian local languages, i.e. Sundanese, Javanese, Balinese, and Lampungese. The foundation also presents the award to those who have contributed to the preservation and development of the languages. In addition to Rancagé Awards, there is also Samsudi Award presented by the same institution to those who write children books in Sundanese.

Those who win the awards of this year are Sundanese poet Acép Zamzam Noor for his poetry anthology entitled Paguneman ‘Conversation’ and poet  Étti R. S. for her contribution; Javanese poet Yusuf Susilo Hartono for his poetry anthology entitled Ombak Wengi ‘Night Waves’ and writer Sucipto Hadi Purnomo for his contribution; and Balinese writer Komang Adnyana for his short stories anthology entitled Metek Bintang ‘Counting the Stars’ and writer I Madé Sugianto for his contribution. Meanwhile, writer Tatang Setiadi wins 2012 Samsudi Award for his children book entitled Asal-usul Hayam Pelung jeung Dongéng-dongéng lianna ‘The Origin of Singing Rooster and Other Tales.’ Sadly to say, there is no award for Lampungese literary work and figure of this year.***


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