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Sunday April 30th 2017

Sundanese Writing Course

Journal | Monday, November 10th, 2014 | sundanesecorner.org

Hawé Setiawan

I am talking about basic forms of writing to my friends (Photograph: Purwanto)

I am talking about basic forms of writing to my friends (Photograph: Purwanto)

On Saturday afternoon last week I began a writing course in Sundanese at the secretariat of Pasundan University’s Sundanese Culture Institute (LBS). It was a part of LBS’ regular programmes in preserving and developing Sundanese, a mother tongue of the majority of West Java’s residents. The programme will be held once in a week.

Along with my fellow Pasundan colleagues, the participants of this course are some students of Sunan Gunung Djati Islamic State University (UIN). I told them the other day about this programme, and they enthusiastically responded to the initiative by insisting myself to open this course as soon as possible. I myself am one of the instructors.

In our first weekly meeting we refreshed our knowledge concerning basic forms of writing, namely description, narration, exposition, argumentation, and persuasion. Even though it is hard to separate one from the other in practice, we need to diferentiate each form as our working foundation.

In order to build our writing skill we need to return to the very nature of the craftsmanship. We would like to train ourselves in how to compose an essay in plain Sundanese. At this elementary stage we would like to improve our skill in writing a description of anything familiar in our daily life. Our method is quite simple: every participant is expected to present her or his essay to be discussed in the following meetings.

Since it is better for one to write about a subject in depth than to write about many subjects banally, every participant of this course is expected to choose from the beginning her or his preferable subject. Some say that every writer has an address.

Well, this is just the beginning.***


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