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Monday May 1st 2017

Souvenirs from Banten

Journal | Thursday, November 27nd, 2014 | sundanesecorner.org

Hawé Setiawan

SAM_5494Long I haven’t met with Away Afwa. Until a few years ago he studied in Pasundan University. When he was one of our students he ran a culinary business. He  was also talented in art: composing songs and recording them by himself. I still keep some of his compositions. Yesterday afternoon he visited me at my home in Negla. As I opened the door, I saw a few new things:  he  wore glasses, and his hair was neatly short and trimmed. He was, however, still the young man I’ve been familiar with: he was polite and a little speechless. We were talking in the living room late in the afternoon. I was glad to know that he had married and been a father. In his hometown of Banten he is a young entrepreneur in clothing business. His product is called, Banten Oblong. He gave me two pieces of T-Shirt as a souvenir from the province in the western end of Java. I even felt flattered when I realised  that my ugly face is printed by Away on one of the T-shirts. I tried them at the moment. Thank you, Away. We believe that creativity and independence are sources of light for our surrounding environments.***

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