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Sunday April 30th 2017

Pasundan to Convene Its 42nd Congress

News | Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 | sundanesecorner.org

Hawé Setiawan

From right to left: PP Chairman Didi Turmudzi, Scretary General Dedi Hadian, and Pasundan University Rector Edy Jusuf (Photograph: Hawe Setiawan)

From right to left: Pasundan Chairman Didi Turmudzi, Pasundan Scretary General Dedi Hadian, and Pasundan University Rector Eddy Jusuf (Photograph: Hawe Setiawan)

Paguyuban Pasundan will convene its 42nd congress in West Java’s coastal city of Pangandaran from 28 to 30 August. Pasundan Chairman Didi Turmudzi chaired a meeting of his organization central board today in Bandung, assuring his team to make preparation for the coming event. The meeting also marked the establishment of the congress organizing committee.

Pasundan convenes its congress every five years as the highest forum where representatives of its branches choose their leader. Prof. Didi  leads Pasundan since 2010. Many say that he will lead the organization for the next five years.

More than 300 people from all over PP branches are expected to join the convention. High ranking officials from both central and regional government bodies, and other important figures as well, are also expected to attend the congress.

Founded in 1913, PP is one of the oldest sociocultural organizations in the country. It plays its role mainly in the area of  education by running formal educational institutions from junior high schools to universities in the province of West Java and  its surrounding areas.***




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