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Sunday April 30th 2017

A Tribute to Yus

News | Thursday, October 6rd, 2016 | sundanesecorner.org

Hawé Setiawan

Poet, writer, and scholar Yus Rusyana (Illustration: Hawe Setiawan)

Poet, writer, and scholar Yus Rusyana (Illustration: Hawe Setiawan)

Along with my wife and son, I visited Indonesian University of Education (UPI) campus this morning. Seminar and art performances were held at the place from morning to afternoon as a tribute to Yus Rusyana, a well-known poet, writer and scholar. Organized by Faculty of Language and Art Education of UPI, the event was entitled Sawidak Taun Gurat Karya Yus Rusyana ‘Sixty Years of Yus Rusyana’s Works’. According to the organiser, in addition to the celebration of Yus’ literary career, the event was also held to commemorate Yus’ 78th birthday and 54th wedding anniversary. The husband of writer Ami Raksanagara, he was born in West Java’s regency of Garut on 24 March 1938.

Yus’ family, colleagues, disciples, and friends gathered at a hall. In seminar session scholars discussed Yus’ contributions in the filed of education, research, and literature. He writes works in both Indonesian and Sundanese. His most well-known literary work, a short story entitled Apun Gencay, was adapted into a monologue play. And in the last session, an attraction of Sundanese martial arts penca was staged due to Yus’ scholarly work entitled Tuturan tentang Pencak Silat dalam Tradisi Lisan Sunda ‘Utterances on Pencak Silat in Sundanese Oral Tradition’.

I my self began to know the name in my school years. It was in my first year at junior high school that I knew Yus Rusyana for the time through his work entitled Panyungsi Sastra ‘A Guide to Literature’. Years later I read his short stories anthology, Jajatén Ninggang Papastén, and his poems as well. When I was a student of journalism in Bandung I conducted an interview with the professor at his home. I also read his translation of Sierk Coolsma’s work on Sundanese, Tata Bahasa Sunda ‘Sundanese Grammar’. In my eyes, he is a figure who always dress neatly and speak with well-organised thoughts.*** 

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